Instore Radio Predefined Solutions. Pick a Radio Here is the first way of solving the problem. Predefined music is the easiest and fastest way to organize your background music. What we are doing? We provide already defined playlists in different music genres and moods, which are created by our professional dj team and are always up to date. With the help of that playlists you will be able to create a radio according to your industry, whether it will be calm relaxing music or action music. After defining radio you may create a voice ad or bloom and define its frequency. Enterprise bespoke solution from professional dj team for Your business If you would like to have a special radio, which will be available only in your business, you have no time to do it yourself, then this is for you. Our professional DJs will investigate your business to create a radio which will suit your business the best.


Voice ads and bloom production In case of need our advertisement team can corporate with your advertisement team and help with promotion. With the help of our advertisers you can easily create your voice ad and bloom in our system, in addition you can schedule and define the frequency. Radio page on Those users who will buy enterprise package will have a chance to organize his company promotion on We will provide a special radio page for that company, so the same radio with the same voice ads and blooms will be available not only inside the company, but on website as well. So users will have a chance to learn about your company from the website as well. Professional audio hardware system and installation If you do not have your own PC, tablet, etc or you do not want to use it, then we assure that it is not a problem. We will supply to you a dedicated music streaming box and can suggest a full equipment and installation service (dynamics, tuners, etc)   for your business consulting.


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